Feb 20, 2012

New Beginnings!

Thanks to a wonderful friend Elijah Sacra for this... It is really powerful!!! takes the weight off your back if you allow it!

You are opening up more and more. You are becoming clearer each day. Embrace the changes taking place. They are good. They will last. They will take you and your life to someplace new, someplace you can't fully imagine now beacuse it's so different from where you have been.

All will be changed. You love, your life, your friends, your work. Your quiet moments and your time of sharing. your playtime, your rest time. Your atitude will change. Your ability to fully and joyfully experience your life will change.

Things that used to bother you, hold you down, hold you back will easily roll off you. Problems that used to plague and pester you, making you feel weighted down, will be lifted easily. You will know and trust the answers you need will come to you.

Your powers will increase. You will find yourself doing, knowing, and feeling things that you thought only certain others could do. You will find yourself gliding through life in a way that brings you joy, and teaches and heals others.

You will laugh alot. And yes, you will cry alot, too, because an open heart feels all it needs to feel. But you will not think twice about your emotions. You will feel them with the purity of a child and the wisdom of a sage. You will see, touch, taste and feel life's magic in a way you never imagined. You will love, and you will be loved. And you will learn that it is all the same.

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